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Using AfxBeginThread with class member controlling function

, 19 Jun 2002 CPOL
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Create worker threads with class member controlling function


Creating a separate thread in your application in order to execute some time consuming operations is very simple. You just call AfxBeginThread() with the appropriate parameters and that's it. But Microsoft wants the controlling function either to be a global function or to be a static class member function; which in both cases means that you don't have access to your class member variables or methods from within the controlling function. This article shows you a little trick on how to do this and keep your source OO.


  1. Create your project as usual, add your dialogs, controls and all the stuff.
  2. Create your classes for the dialogs using Class Wizard, and assign variables to your controls.
  3. For the class you want to implement multithreading, edit the header file adding the following code:
    //controlling function header
    static UINT StartThread (LPVOID param);
    //structure for passing to the controlling function
    typedef struct THREADSTRUCT
        CThreadDemoDlg*    _this;
            //you can add here other parameters you might be interested on
  4. In the implementation file for your class, add the following code:
    UINT CThreadDemoDlg::StartThread (LPVOID param)
        THREADSTRUCT*    ts = (THREADSTRUCT*)param;
        //here is the time-consuming process 
        //which interacts with your dialog
        AfxMessageBox ("Thread is started!");
            //see the access mode to your dialog controls
        ts->_this->m_ctrl_progress.SetRange (0, 1000);  
        while (ts->_this->m_ctrl_progress.GetPos () < 1000)
            ts->_this->m_ctrl_progress.StepIt ();
        //you can also call AfxEndThread() here
        return 1;
    void CThreadDemoDlg::OnStart() 
            //call the thread on a button action or menu
        THREADSTRUCT *_param = new THREADSTRUCT;
        _param->_this = this;
        AfxBeginThread (StartThread, _param);
  5. Now you can test your program!


I hope this will be helpful for you. I've been using CodeProject for a long time and this article is the first step for payback.


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)


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I am very interested in this method, I tried to implement it but I had a problem.
The fact is, in my case, I am not using a CDialog derived class but a class like this one :
class ATL_NO_VTABLE CPropPage :
public CComObjectRootEx,
public CComCoClass,
public IPropertyPageImpl,
public CDialogImpl
So I can not implement the DoDataExchange function that is (I think) important to have a good behavior of the software.
The thread starts because I see the MessageBox "Thread is started!" but the progress bar is not updated with the different step of progression.

Is the DoDataExchange function the problem ? Somebody has other ideas ?


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