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, 9 Aug 2013
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Common! Lets play and also build strong relationships in us! Just inviting the winter holidays by remembering our traditional ancient games! First comes my favorite Thayam

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Lets play and also build strong relationships in us! Just inviting the winter holidays by remembering our traditional ancient games! First comes my favorite Daayam . 


Happy writing this post, since I can recall my evergreen childhood days. Got spirited by lot of my grandma’s traditional indoor games, I used to play Daayam more frequently. But nowadays, these games have a very rare picture. The game is also called as “Chathuranga”,which has a very ancient history as it takes an important picture in the epic“Mahabharatham”. The eldest of Pandavas, Yudhishthira and the eldest of Gouravas, Duryodhana play the wicked game - soothu Daayam, in which the Pandavas were cunningly defeated and were sent to forest. Thus the game scene forms the important turning point in the epic.

Dayakattai is an Indian dice game played by two to four people. It is very similar to Parchesi in terms of gameplay. Typically all players start with six coins/chips at a 'home' in the center of the board. They each take turns rolling the Dayakattai, a pair of dice that are shaped like long cuboids. They are typically made of brass, and have dots punched onto the long faces (1, 2, 3, 0). When a player rolls a Daayam (0 on one die, 1 on another), they get to move one of their pieces one space out of their home, and roll again and they advance their piece by the number inicated by the dice. For all the pieces to move out of the home, Daayam has to be rolled out till all pieces are out. Pieces advance along the board by initially moving down their owner's leg of the board, and then in a clockwise direction. When a player rolls a one, five, six, or twelve (two 0s), they get to roll again. The numbers rolled can be distributed among the player's pieces (e.g. A player rolls 5, 12, 2. They can move one piece by twelve, move another by 5, and then move one more by 2. Alternately, the player could elect to have the three numbers shared by only two pieces or even move only one piece by the total number rolled.). Pieces can 'cut' other pieces by landing on the same spot that they are in. A 'cut' piece is sent all the way back to the home. However, while on one of the safe zones on the board (marked by an X), a piece cannot be cut. After completing one lap, a piece starts to move up the outer edge of the right side of its owner's leg of the game board. It stays on the corners instead of the spaces. The piece then needs to move the exact number of spaces to get to the center of the board. While at the corner of the home, a piece can be cut by another piece getting to the corner of its home. Players win by getting all of their pieces to the center of the board. For clarification as to the shape of the board, see the link can also take out coin from home when you get five in the dice.

There is yet another format for this, the above mentioned is like a T20 cricket match. There is also a longer format in this, like a 50 over match. The rules are a bit different, players start with 8 coins, out of which 4 coins have to move around the board in pairs, i.e. 4 coins form 2 pairs. They can move this paired coins only when an even number is rolled by the player and the no. of paces moved get halved(e.g. if a player rolls 2 or 4 or 6 or 12, the paired coins can move only 1 or 2 or 3 or 6 paces).Once the inner lap is continued, there is also an outer lap which has to be completed before the player can take it to the outer edge and win the game by bringing it to the center of the board. One reason why this format takes a long time apart from the fact that it has two laps, is due to the "paired coins". Since it can move only when even numbers are rolled, if a player has taken all his single coins to the center of the board, its a daunting task to take the pairs back to the center. However, an advantage of the paired coins is that it cannot be cut by a single coin but the vice versa is not true. Though, this format is longer there is ample excitement in this too, in fact, maybe a bit more than the shorter one. 

Gaming procedure:
    The game is usually played with two or four players sitting around the Daayam design drawn on floor or a wooden board. There are two types of design – the 7 X 7 squared and the 6 X 3 squared (as seen in the left and the right side of the image above). Each of the players should have different types of coins, varying either in color or in shape. They roll the dice or the thaya kattai and can start playing the game only if they get “1” in the dice. All the players get consecutive turns and move their coins according to the numbers that turn up in their dice. A player can roll his/her die again, if he/she gets 1, 5 or 6 in it. The coins are moved in a defined path. Coins of two different players cannot be placed in the same square; hence the previous coin is slashed out from the game and hence moved back to the initial position. But there are some exceptional cross-checked squares in the design, where coins of two or more players can stay. A player wins the game only when all of his/her coins reach the final destination at first.


Using the code

 The Daayam Is the windows 8 gaming application. This application which target to developed  by lenovo AIO device. The Lenovo AIO which is most amazing device today market and the device which offering the some more component like dice,  other gaming console. I am using the dice component to getting the input for the Daayam game. The Daayam is the traditional tamil nadu gaming which is using the Daayakatti(pairs). so i am using the dice from the lenovo AIO Device and getting the points for the dice and the user make the moves to playing the games. In real the using the two thaya kattai but the lenovo AIO could offering only one dice to users so that i am using the dice so that each user wants to throws the dice  twice. 

 Which is multiplayer game playing so that the using the component dice to my game development will ensure the game play has more and more real. I am developing this gaming concept right now the code for the game development will be posted in future.

i am using the XNA with visual studio 2012 ultimate to coding the game application.  

Points of Interest

 Thus the game converts the leisure time, happier, interesting and develops mathematical knowledge too. The more special feature of the game is that, it can be played by enthusiastic minds of all age groups. Hope the budding new generation learn this game, play these native Indian games and spread the joy everywhere. 


This die also goes by other names such as Daayam and Daala.

There is one more traditional Dayakattai which due to the change that the world went through got erased from our culture. But this form is still in use in lots of villages, and they call this as theVaaganam or Vimaanam which translates as a vehicle to GOD,

The Rules are still the same, with the pieces range to 12 nos each, and the cross which comes for every 5 box counts is called safe place, which one team occupies and can't be occupied by the other team, till it is cleared, the pieces in this safe place cannot be cut, and only if a team cuts the other team's at least one piece, it can enter the pazham zone, which is usually in the shape of M.


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)


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My interested is to learning the new technology and creating the apps for windows 8,windows phone 8,Blackberry 10, Android and Web Application and also create Game apps for windows 8,Windows Phone 8,Blackberry 10,Android and Web.
I am now create game apps by using the Unity3d engine 4.2 create the more amazing games for Different Platform..
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