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The Orchestrated Entertainment Quiz Show

, 2 Aug 2013
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Have Fun, Get Social, Raise Money

Please note

This article is an entry in our AppInnovation Contest. Articles in this sub-section are not required to be full articles so care should be taken when voting.

Competition Criteria 

This entry is for the All-in-One platform

The category is Entertainment 

OE Quiz Show is a social fundraising application. It is to be used by fundraisers for traditional quiz nights with a momentous leap forward in the technology used to immerse and entertain the audience. The application and hardware is used in a public arena to enhance the enjoyment of the participants. It provides Television-show quality and entertainment in what is otherwise an amateur arena. It's prime objective is to encourage more funds for fundraisers and charities.

Development Approach and coding language:The application will be written in AGK. This is a language that enables rapid development in a graphically rich environment. The results can be deployed to Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, Blackberry and OUYA from one source. The framework previously developed for other fundraising apps (OE Bingo, a finalist in the last AppInnovation contest) will be leveraged, allowing menus and effects to be easily implemented and allowing development time to focus on the logic of the primary functionality - orchestrating a quiz night.

As a subcontracted newsletter editor to The Game Creators (developers of the AGK  language) I have solid support from their team. Lee Bamber partakes in the Ultimate Coder challenges, and a number of AGK users have been major prize winners in previous competitions, including perceptual computing and AppInnovation. 



It's time to get social in the real sense of the word. Turn a mediocre quiz night into your own TV-standard quiz show and dazzle the competitors with professional presentation and stunning graphics. Take the already popular quiz night to a new level and immerse your audience in a far more engaging event. Elevate your fundraising capabilities by generating cash beforehand, leaving you to simply enjoy your social event. 


Orchestrated Entertainment is a collection of Apps / Games that put the fun back into fundraising.

Raising money for charities, clubs, and other organisations is hard work. So much so, it is easy to lose sight of the fact that it should also be enjoyable for all those involved; not only the audience but also the organisers.

Orchestrated Entertainment apps take the hard work out of the fundraising aspect and allow you to focus on having fun again. Incorporating in-game advertising - aimed at local businesses - money can be raised before an event even takes place. Local companies can support local groups by sponsoring their events, and in return they get to advertise to local people. The ads do not intrude on the games themselves, and only take up idle-time between games. 

How can we...

Demonstrate innovation and user experience? 

If you searched Google Images for quiz night software there should be quite a selection of great looking experiences, right?  Wrong...unfortunately. Yes, you can get software to help organise an event, and it might even display your questions on-screen. But there is nothing out there that makes it more exciting and engaging for the most important people: the audience. Let's make them feel immersed in the event. Moreover, let's make sure the quizmaster feels good about presenting the best quiz night out there. It's no longer a quiz night, it's a game show! Swiping your way around the unobstructed interface of the Lenovo All-in-One and even inviting the audience to participate on-screen takes quiz nights to a new level. 

Look at what we did in the last AppInnovation contest to turn bingo number calling into something new. This game made it to the final round. Imagine the potential of something more interactive like the quiz night. 

demonstrate usage of key technical enabling vectors?  

Touch-screen; Large-format display for audience viewing; Multi-touch and swipe to interject with special effects; interaction with mobile devices for audience participation (buzz-in, voting, question presentation for  vision and hearing impaired participants). The technology is leading the development of this project and has now come of age to enable development. 

demonstrate the viability of the Idea Submission for the Category in which it was submitted?

It's a game on a large social scale and it is entertainment meeting technology. The game is configurable to formulate many different playing formats and abilities.

effectively describe the proposed application? 

Read on, it's time to see the detail behind the proposition. 

Everyone Loves Quiz Nights 

Yes, it's true, everyone loves a quiz night. But there are a lot of questions to be asked (pun intended!)

  • How do you break away from the successful but long-in-the-tooth format? 
  • How can you appeal to different audiences and include everyone?
  • How to you add an extra spark into the quiz night? 

It's time to to inject new technology into old games; the Lenovo Table PC and Tablet can help us realise the ambition. In fact, the announcement of the Table PC has persuaded me to take this project idea and turn it into a reality. We now have more options to increase the stakes and make something even better. 

The Quiz Machine 

It's a temporary name, but we are still at concept phase. It's less of a machine and more of a system for allowing a quizmaster to present TV quality quiz nights. Controlled by PC, remote controlled by tablet or phone and presented on overhead projector or now on the Lenovo Table PC, large enough to be the presentation stand.


Choose from multiple game formats: 

  • Simple question, presented on screen in the style of Millionaire, The Chase or Million Pound Drop, but without the answers 
  • Multiple Choice, with numerous options displayed alongside the question
  • Timed, with the clock against you and ticking loudly
  • Buzz-in game, utilising a mobile app that connects to the game 

Select your questions: 

  • Create your own bank of questions and archive them for future use
  • Media questions, with on-screen photos or audio playback
  • Multiple answers at varying difficulty levels to tailor the game on the night. Let the system pick a difficult set of alternative answers for adults, or easier ones for a younger audience
  • Select from the usual categories or create your own
  • Add fun and informative facts about the correct answer 
  • In phase two, share your questions with the world at large and download questions from other users.

Have fun! 

Present the quiz in the format to suit your audience:

  • Script the format of your game show 
  • Dazzling graphics 
  • Intros of each round 
  • Animated question presentation
  • Answer presentation mode, along with answer facts for more engagement and interest
  • Embedded - but unobtrusive - local advertising for your fundraising. Let advertisers sponsor the show and the individual rounds. Advertising allows graphical and text messages. 


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)


About the Author

Steve Vink
Software Developer
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I have previously entered the AppInnovation contest with Orchestrated Entertainment Bingo. This won me an Ultrabook and $1000 in prize money for the completed game published to AppUp, making it to the final round. This was followed by a comprehensive article explaining how I achieved the functionality in the game.
I am also fortunate to be supported by The Game Creators and Lee Bamber who is a regular entrant in the Intel Ultimate Coder challenge, for whom I publish their monthly newsletter.
A previous game I have published on AppUp was awarded the Intel badge for being "Enhanced for Core". This was due to the power-saving features in the game.
I have also been awarded a $1000 marketing campaign by Intel for my efforts in optimising my software for Intel processors.
In the Blackberry world, I have been awarded a Blackberry Playbook for my publication of a tablet-based game.
Having spent 22 years in the IT industry as programmer, analyst, consultant, contractor and software engineer, I am now in my ultimate challenge as director of a consultancy company, We're pushing ourselves to the limits writing software and providing consultancy for our clients whilst building a business, creating in-house software and finding time to relax in between. My role is defined as the tech guy having experience in numerous languages, hardware, and spending most of my time making them do extraordinary things together.
The App Innovation Contest 2013 will see me working with AGK again, doing creative things with a highly versatile platform.
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