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License: Commercial
Technologies: C++/CLI, C#, VB (VB, VB.NET), JScript.NET, Forth.NET, F#, .NETCF
Last Updated: 22 Jan 2013

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United States

FTP Component for .NET Compact Framework

Version: 3.0
The Ultimate FTP/FTPS (FTP over TLS/SSL) .NET CF Component offers a comprehensive interface for FTP, enabling you to quickly and easily incorporate Standard File Transfers and Secure File Transfers over TLS/SSL in your applications, as well as remote file management using FTP. In addition to downloading and uploading by file name, URL, and wild card masks, the FTP library also supports remote file management functionality such as directory listings and the ability to rename, delete and move files on the server.
Key Features
* Upload, download, append, rename and delete file.
* Upload, download, or Remove entire directory (including subdirectories and files) quickly with a single line of code
* Upload and download multiple files using wildcards mask with a single line of code
* Support for files over 4GB
* Parse listings automatically
* Supports both ASCII and binary transfers
* Supports restarting interrupted file transfers
* Abort operations smoothly
* Synchronizes folders easily
* Supports Multi-threading. You can use as many threads as you want to speed up file transfers
* Unified Remote File System allows you to directly and easily transfer and synchronize files between an FTP file system and other file systems such as FTP, SCP, ZIP, Disk, Memory, etc.
* File transfer monitoring support with progress event
* Fully supports both event-driven (asynchronous) and blocking (synchronous) application designs
* Send and receive files to or from disk or memory streams. This allows you to compress and decompress ZIP files on-the-fly
* Built-in Zlib streams
* Filter files on name with wildcards mask or regular expression, size, or last modified date
* Resume previously interrupted file
* Allows you to check the exact transferring state like uploading, downloading, etc.
* Compliant with RFC 959, RFC 1579 and many common extensions
* Progress event argument contains full information about the file transfer such as: File size, transfer percentage, transfer speed, time left, etc.
* Compression support (MODE Z)
* Reusable block mode transfer support (MODE B)
* Raw FTP command and response support


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