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License: Commercial
Technologies: Windows (WinXP, Vista, Windows, Win7), Win32, GDI, GUI
Last Updated: 9 Dec 2010

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Chris Boss
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Computer Workshop
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196 Reed lane
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Other ..
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United States

EZGUI Professional

Chris Boss
Version: 4.0
EZGUI 4.0 Pro is a GUI runtime engine (DLL) and Visual Designer/Code Generator for use with the PowerBasic compiler. EZGUI consists of a Visual Designer for designing complete projects. The designer can generate code using its proprietary Smart Parser technology directly into your favorite code editor. The main runtime DLL is only 515 KB in size. There are four other custom control DLL's, which range from 18 to 40 KB in size. Most of the functionality is in the main runtime. This means your compiled EXE's will be very small, since most of the functionality is provided in the runtime. All the standard controls are supported, plus most of the common controls (ie. Listview, Treeview, Toolbar, Tab, etc.) as well as the RichEdit control (1.0 and 2.0). The main runtime also includes Canvas, Shape/Hot Spot, Files Listbox and Properties Listbox custom controls. The secondary DLL's contain the Turtle Graphics, Masked Edit, MCI and Drag handle control. There is a complete graphics engine including a 2D Sprite engine which can show/hide, move, flip, animate (frames), alphablend and anti-alias the sprites. There is also collision detecting for sprites. Sprites can be used on the Canvas control and you can have multiple instances of the Canvas control on one form. There is a subclassing engine which even supports a visual design mode, so you can use it to build your own drag and drop visual designers. A Drag Handle control is provided too. EZGUI has a print engine, an ownerdraw engine (customize controls), customdraw engine, thread engine, control search functions, can display help and HTML help files, can display the common dialogs and even customize the common dialogs (ie. add a child form to the Open File Dialog), provides 2D and 3D colored buttons (via ownerdraw), can read/write to the clipboard and registry, print RichEdit controls contents, provides a Game Loop and precision frame timing, resource tracking and cleanup (fonts, brushes, etc.), Layer engine (Designer supports putting controls on up to 100 Layers), auto-region generation from Bitmaps (non-rectangular shaped windows), timers, DIBSection Canvas buffers for direct access to pixels (ie. impliment image filters), rubberbanding drawing engine and support for integration of the Windows API into key areas of the engine.
Absolutely no ActiveX (OCX) controls required!
GUI engine provides the building blocks for you to create your own customized controls via its ownerdraw, customdraw and subclassing engines.


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