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License: Commercial
Technologies: C# (C#2.0, C#3.0, C#, C#4.0), Visual-Studio (Visual-Studio, VS2010), WCF, XAML, WPF, Silverlight, Blend
Last Updated: 12 Dec 2011

Contact Information
Contact Name:
Martin Lie
Company /
Intersoft Solutions
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Address 1:
Executive Tower 11400
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West Olympic Boulevard #200
Los Angeles
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United States

Intersoft ClientUI Advanced Input Controls

Intersoft Solutions (Business)
Version: 6
Intersoft ClientUI® includes a vast array of innovative input controls to enhance your business applications with sophisticated editing experience, ranging from numeric up down, masked input, currency editor, datetime editor, multi-range slider bar, to high-performance file upload control and much more.
Standards-compliance usability features are built into the control architecture of many input controls which includes focus management, keyboard focus visual, and access key. Some input controls support advanced editing behaviors such as in UXMaskedInput, UXDateTimeEditor and UXCurrencyEditor. The UXDateTimePicker features a sleek, innovative user interface leveraging the richness of Silverlight's graphics and animations. The UXFileUpload sports professional file upload interface suitable for business applications, complete with real-time upload progress animation.
Masked Input
A versatile masked input control featuring customizable masking character, Office-style masking format, and more.
See demo

Currency Editor
A numeric and currency input control with masking and multi-culture support.
See demo

DateTime Up Down
A datetime input control with up down spin buttons supporting various datetime value and format input.
See demo

DateTime Editor
An innovative date time editing control with comprehensive culture, standards and custom formatting support.
See demo

DateTime Picker
A sophisticated date time editing control with built-in dropdown featuring intuitive input through calendar and an analog clock.
See demo

A sleek, innovative analog clock control supporting display and edit mode.
See demo

A powerful calendar control featuring four display modes, sophisticated animation for the best navigation experience.
See demo

File Upload
A high-performance file uploader control with modern user interface for ultimate ease-of-use.
See demo

Slider Bar
An elegant slider control featuring dual orientation, auto tooltip placement, tick bar placement, and many more.
See demo

Range Slider Bar
A unique slider bar control with two thumb instances for range of values selection.
See demo

An intuitive rating control with full data binding and item templating support, selectable precision mode, and more.
See demo

Button Spinner
A multi-purpose content control with two spinner buttons.
See demo


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