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License: Commercial
Technologies: C++ (VC6, VC7, VC7.1, VC8.0, C++, VC9.0, VC10.0), C++/CLI, C# (C#1.0, C#2.0, C#3.0, C#, C#4.0), VB (VB7.x, VB8.0, VB9.0, VB, VB10.0, VB.NET), Windows, .NET, Win32, Win64, WinForm
Last Updated: 7 Feb 2014

Contact Information
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Dmitri Popov
Company /
Major Mind Software
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State / Province:
Other ..
United States


Dmitri Popov
Version: 3.11.4

Here's a typical sequence of actions required to create a help file with Helpinator:
1. Start new project. Pick up built-in templates for CHM/Web Help and PDF/Print/RTF. OR you can create your own! There's now need to know HTML, template builder allows you to create templates in visual designer. PDF/RTF templates are just a RTF file split into pages - front page, TOC and topic template.
2. Capture screenshots using built-in screenshot capture tool. They will be stored in the project's Image Library. You can also automatically create topics containing captured images.
3. Add callouts and other descriptive comments to screenshots.
4. Create step-by-step guides for complex actions using captured images. Step-by-step guides will turn into JavaScript slideshows in CHM/Web Help and into numbered sequences of images in PDF/RTF.
5. Write topics. WYSIWYG editor allows you to write like in any other word processor. Use named text and paragraph styles to preserve formatting. Text snippets allow you to create insets and other special blocks of text.
6. Click "Compile All". Helpinator will create CHM help file, manual in PDF, Web Help, MS Word RTF file, Printed Manual, QtHelp and JavaHelp cross-platform help files, manuals in EPUB and MOBI formats for e-book readers - all from the same project.
If you use WordPress CMS on your website - you can publish topics directly to WordPress, each topic turns into a page. No need to mix static HTML of WebHelp with CMS, and you can use all your WordPress themes and plugins for WebHelp.
That's it. The whole set of tasks was completed using one tool.
When your software project turns multilingual you can add new language to the project and keep topic structure and topic IDs the same. You can also work in a team using VCS-friendly storage mode. You can use built-in to-do manager so you never forget what you need to do in your help project. You can run global spellcheck to check spelling in your whole project at once. There's even more to Helpinator, try it out.


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