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License: Commercial
Technologies: C# (C#3.0, C#, C#4.0), Windows, Silverlight
Last Updated: 12 Dec 2011

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Martin Lie
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Intersoft Solutions
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Executive Tower 11400
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West Olympic Boulevard #200
Los Angeles
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United States

Intersoft ClientUI Report Viewers

Intersoft Solutions (Business)
Version: 6
SqlReportViewer is an advanced and feature-rich report viewer control designed for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services. It renders SSRS reports with identical layout and appearance as the report design and supports most report items available in SSRS such as TextBox, Line, Image as well as comprehensive support for Matrix, Table and List (Tablix).
Blazing-fast Performance
Designed for performance, SqlReportViewer is capable in handling large SQL report without performance bottleneck. Background loading allows pages to be preloaded in the background during application's idle time. This means that the background loading will pause the process when it detects user's activities such as mouse movement or key press.
Streaming Loading Mode
SqlReportViewer supports three loading strategies. The streaming loading mode which displays only the pages visible in the client, means that only the displayed pages are sent to the client and rendered. The streaming option also allows caching for 15 minutes or user-configurable, in which within the duration the resulted XAML does not require re-processing from the reporting service.
Pixel-perfect Report Rendering
SqlReportViewer is powered with sophisticated rendering engine that draws every reporting element in pixel-perfect page layout. It supports most report items available in the SQL Server Reporting Services such as TextBox, Line, and Image – as well as support for advanced items like Matrix, Table and List (Tablix). Beyond static table display, SqlReportViewer also supports complex Tablix layout that requires automatic layout adjustment (grow/shrink) depending on the available data.
Report Interactivity
SQL Server Reporting Services allows users to interact with the report at runtime. SqlReportViewer is thoughtfully designed to support all those interactivity features, such as the toggle item, data drill-down, external hyperlinks and sub report navigation as well bookmark and page-level navigation. These interactive features give users the power to analyze their report and make the most out of their data.
Report Navigation
SqlReportViewer includes built-in reporting navigation which allows users to browse the available reports in the Reporting Services right from the report viewer. This time-saving feature empowers your IT team to deploy powerful a reporting solution that grows and scales with your business. This means that new reports deployed to the Reporting Services will be automatically visible and accessible to the users. And of course, you can opt to disable the feature if not applicable.
Report Parameters
Report parameter is one of the common requirements in report viewers which is well supported in SqlReportViewer. When a report with parameters is loaded, SqlReportViewer automatically displays the parameter panel which sits on the top of the viewer interface. The caption and data type of the parameters are automatically dispatched by the viewer so you don’t have to write a single line of code. And better yet, SqlReportViewer automatically validates against the parameter options such as whether it requires user input.
Report Exporting
SqlReportViewer allows data exporting which supports many popular formats available in the SQL Server Reporting Services such as HTML, Excel, Word and PDF. The support for wide range of popular formats enable users to extract the report data and process it further in their favorite spreadsheet applications. By default, the data exporting is enabled in SqlReportViewer, accessible from the toolbar button in the report viewer interface.


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