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License: Limited Time Trial
Technologies: C#, VB, Windows, XAML, WPF, DataGridView, DataGrid
Last Updated: 13 Dec 2011

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John-Daniel Trask
Company /
Mindscape Limited
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Level 10, Berl House
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108 The Terrace
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Other ..
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New Zealand
+64 21 434 957

WPF Data Grid by Mindscape

Version: 5.0

Compact, efficient data display - made fast and beautiful.

New in WPF Elements 5.0! View, compare and edit multiple data items in a compact, spreadsheet-like format, presented according to your exact specifications and extensible to your particular domain. Easy to implement and incredibly customizable, the WPF Data Grid provides out-of-the-box support for paging, frozen columns, sorting, validation and much more, plus five gorgeous themes to make it fit elegantly with Office-style applications. Extensive support for custom editors makes it easy for you to tailor the editing experience to the kinds of data your business uses and the way your users think about that data. And thanks to its highly tuned virtualization core, the Data Grid remains lightning quick even with truly massive data sets.

Key Features

  • Easily bind and display a data collection
  • Customizable look and feel
  • High performance, even with millions of records
  • Frozen columns
  • Sorting
  • Column reordering
  • Many built-in editors, or build your own for custom data
  • Multiple selection modes
  • Five gorgeous themes included

Easy data binding

The Data Grid was built from the ground up following the WPF design paradigm, so all standard binding features are available. Populating the control is as easy as setting the ItemsSource property to bind to your data model.

Scalable performance

Underpinning the Data Grid is a virtualization engine which keeps memory footprint low and application speeds high. Even if you're binding to a large data set, the Data Grid will only create UI visuals for what is necessary. With more than a million records we've clocked the data grid at loading the data in under 400ms! And once the data is loaded, scrolling through those millions of records remains an incredibly responsive experience.

Rich data editor support

The Data Grid comes with automatic support for editing DateTime and Color properties using built-in pickers, as well as drop-downs for enum fields and TextBox support for text and numeric properties. It's easy to modify these for particular properties, and to enable your users to view or edit more exotic data types, using the familiar WPF DataTemplate idiom.

Built-in paging support

Lots of data to show? No need to overwhelm your users -- the Data Grid can break it up into conveniently sized pages.  Users can easily navigate through data using the built-in paging control, and the control provides many appearance and behavior options, including placement of ellipsis, number of page buttons displayed and page size.

Advanced column features

Records can be sorted by clicking on the column header, a specified number of columns can be frozen on screen while the horizontal scroll bar pans the remaining columns - they can also be reordered using drag-and-drop behavior. Give your users as much flexibility as you want, or lock down the user interface to its core.

Data Grid with Paging

Rich editor support

Custom templates


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