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License: Fully Function Evaluation version
Technologies: VB6, C++, C#, VB, VBScript, JScript.NET, F#, Windows, ASP, ASP.NET, Win32, Win64, Visual-Studio, ATL, COM
Last Updated: 10 May 2012

Contact Information
Contact Name:
Mark van den Brink
Company /
Solutior B.V.
Email Format:
+31 88 765 88 46

Marblecore Imaging Library (for .NET and/or ATL/COM applications)

Mark van den Brink
Version: 1.0.3
We’ve looked for the right imaging component many times over and had to work with incomplete or flaky solutions every time. Until we developed the right solution ourselves and turned the tables... We’ve been using our Marblecore Imaging Library for several years now and just felt we had to share it with you.
Why? Because Marblecore Imaging is a powerfull and easy to use fully packed imaging processing library with integral and thorough 32-bit alpha channel transparency support. It handles all popular image formats (like PNG, JPEG, GIF, BMP and more), supports lots of high quality effects, has all necessary drawing functions, supplies tons of professional filters, delivers great color transformations, supports masking and histogram functionality and much, much more. Best of all it has full 32-bit alpha transparency support throughout the whole library. Finally a library which handles alpha transparency as it should be, just like those professional desktop image editing software.

It can be used in all popular programming languages and comes in two implementation flavors. A class library to use the library in .NET enabled languages (like C# and Visual Basic) and an ATL COM object to use the component in scripting languages like ASP, JScript, VBScript and CScript (Windows Script Host).
It may look as another of those many available imaging components. But take a look at this one and find out why it's different and - in our opinion - better!
Key features:
- True alpha transparency support throughout the library;
- Lots of filters (48 in total, like red eye correction, blurring, oil paint, etc.);
- Lots of effects (9 in total, like dropshadow, innerbevel, outerglow, etc.);
- Great image transformations (16 in total, like skewing, horizon straightening, rotating, etc.);
- Great thumbnail generator with built-in effects (like 3D mirroring, skewing, etc.);
- All necessary drawing methods and more (44 in total, like draw rectangle, draw gradients, etc.);
- Text drawing with lots of effects (like drawing text in gradient, with borders, with warp effect, etc.);
- Smart color adjustments (10 in total, like auto color enhance, lightness, saturation, etc.);
- Histogram support;
- Full EXIF support (supports 72 properties);
- 32-bit alpha masking support (creating and applying masks);
- Texture support;
- Easy to use file and stream handling (load and save files from disk, url or stream);
- Easy to use captcha generator (creates colorfull captchas);
- Direct file operations for quickly executing common tasks (like FileThumbnail, FileFlipHorizontal and FileConvert);
- Lossless transformations for JPEG images (like cropping, rotating and flipping).
Available versions: 32-bit (x86), 64-bit (x64) and Itanium 64-bit (IA-64)


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