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by Sumit@123
This post will show you how to insert checkbox in Google sheets
by Ahmed Khateeb
In this article, I will describe how to Create WordPress Bitnami VM, how to connect to VM, how to add Custom Domain to that VM and important steps to follow after fresh installation.
by Sumit@123
This blog post will show you how to protect a range of cells in Google sheets
by Sumit@123
In this tutorial, you’ll learn various ways to insert timestamp in Google Sheets


by Member 12799437 on technical blog "How to Insert Checkbox in...
by DaveAuld on technical blog "How to Insert Checkbox in...
by Nelek on article "Using Azure Logic Apps with HTTP...
by Gustavo Mobrice on article "Using Azure Logic Apps with HTTP...
by Nelek on article "Using Azure Logic Apps with HTTP...
18 Nov 2013
Phil Lee NZ
A site for managing and delivering virtual conferences - complete with embedded live streaming and chat. Showcasing the best Azure has to offer!
11 Dec 2010
Igor Ladnik
Technique combining RESTful WCF with Azure AppFabric Service Bus enables browser access to remote desktop with minimum code
13 Nov 2010
Igor Ladnik
Unmanaged Windows GUI application with no exported program interface gets automated with injected code. A WCF aware injected component allows world-wide located clients to communicate with automated application via Azure AppFabric Service Bus despite firewalls and dynamic IP addresses
11 Jun 2013
Azure based pet adoption agent that helps pet lovers find the perfect pet while saving the lives of kittens & puppies
1 Nov 2011
Roman Kiss
This article describes consuming Windows Azure Service Bus by WCF and WF Technologies.
6 Jul 2011
Igor Ladnik
Article presents Azure based software to image upload, viewing with Silverlight MultiScaleImage control, mark out and annotation. Browser performs the operations with no additional installation on user machine/device (the viewing browser should support Silverlight).
24 Apr 2011
StormSpirit Team
This article is about how to develop an application with Amazon S3 using C#.
27 Aug 2003
Okeno Palmer
Create an ASP.NET application that uses the Amazon Web Service to search the Amazon catalogs.
28 Apr 2009
Ted Faison
Describes a Windows Forms Application that shows information about music, including lyrics.
3 Jan 2011
Not Active
A simple look at what Windows Azure Storage is and how it can be used
12 Dec 2011
Step by step overview of consuming Amazon Web Services (SQS, S3) using C#.NET
5 Feb 2015
Alex Sanséau
As an introduction to Windows Azure, this article will guide you step by step to create your own private NuGet server in Windows Azure.
6 Jun 2012
Anoop Madhusudanan
Explains how to use Apache Hadoop and Azure to Analyze Large Data sets, using Map reduce jobs in C#
17 Jun 2013
Phil Lee NZ
This article will show you a pattern for sending and receiving messages using Azure Service Bus + worker roles in a strongly typed manner, taking advantage of the built-in functionality that comes with Brokered Messages.
2 Jun 2010
This article shows how you can interact with Amazon S3 storage directly from C#.
27 Oct 2013
Patrick McCurley, Rachel Davey
An Azure based software solution allowing users to discover events around them on a massive scale. Features MVC4, Entity Framework and a large importing backend utilizing Azure virtual machines
20 Jul 2013
Anoop Madhusudanan
Doing some 'Big Data' and building a Recommendation Engine with Azure, Hadoop and Mahout
29 Apr 2013
Shayne P Boyer
Putting the alerts in your hands through the use of Azure
4 May 2015
Mike Barthold
A simple first-step Extension for the Chrome Browser with a How-to of event-hooks in javascript, as the google security policy does not allow inline-scripts and events.
9 Jun 2013
Florian Rappl
Crawling tons of (individual) web information and creating statistics using Windows Azure.
26 Feb 2014
Shivprasad koirala
Six simple steps to run your first Azure Worker Role program.
12 Aug 2013
Dmitry Tretyakov
.NET library aimed for managing and querying entities from Windows Azure Storage. Contains LINQ to Azure Table provider.
16 Feb 2011
Panagiotis Kefalidis
How to setup and use Windows Azure AppFabric Cache (CTP).
5 Jan 2014
Roy, Philippe
Cloud computing means opportunities as well as challenges. Here's an overview of cloud computing intersecting with the IVR world.
27 Dec 2014
Roman Kiss
This article describes the design and implementation of the small tool, tester for Windows Azure Service Bus Messaging.
20 Dec 2009
Philipos Sakellaropoulos
It is "cloud" Web application to display GPS tracks on Google or Bing maps
15 Jul 2010
Vagif Abilov
The article demonstrates how to explore the Amazon S3 API using F# and achieve great results just in 45 minutes.
14 Dec 2003
This article describes how to build and use static proxy classes to access a web service
18 Oct 2006
This article is a simple, step-by-step guide for those who have ideas and want to quickly implement them. We’ll use code to demonstrate how easy it is to build an application on Amazon S3. We’ll also highlight questions that you may ask before releasing an application.
12 Feb 2012
How to work with CloudDrive, Your azure hard drive in Azure
4 Dec 2011
Henry He
This article will show how to develop and deploy an ASP.NET MVC web application to the Windows Azure platform.
2 Jun 2013
Out-of-Scope Payment Processing on the Cloud
9 Jun 2013
Ravi Gadag
Azure based e-learning product.
19 Feb 2010
Step by step introduction to Microsoft SQL AZURE
18 Jul 2011
Roman Kiss
This article describes a design, implementation and usage of the WCF4 Routing Service hosted by Windows Azure.
24 Jun 2013
Enrique Albert
Azure WebSite and W8 Store App using SQL-CE, Azure SQL, Mobile Services, SignalR, EF, WebAPI and integration to Bing Maps
29 Apr 2011
Dr. Song Li
This article presents an example to host WCF services in an Azure Worker Role.
14 Mar 2010
Steven Nagy
Learning effective techniques to utilise configuration in your cloud apps, without locking into the Azure platform
27 Apr 2013
Simon Jackson
FindMe - My entry to the Azure Developer competition
19 Jul 2013
Umbrazure streamlines development and hosting ASP.NET websites atop Umbraco 6 on Azure.
23 Mar 2015
Sacha Barber
Shows one way to Azure Cloud Service : Inter role communications
26 Feb 2014
Shivprasad koirala
5 simple steps to run your first Azure program
3 Apr 2012
Roman Kiss
This article describes the design and implementation of the Push Service for Windows Azure Service Bus Messaging.
10 Jun 2012
Roman Kiss
This article describes the design and implementation of the Message Mediator for connectivity pipeline hosted on the Windows Azure.
23 Mar 2015
Matt Perdeck
Quickly create a load balanced web site in the cloud with AWS Elastic Beanstalk
30 May 2013
Henry Sheldon
An obscured communication protocol based on color and textured shapes.
3 Feb 2014
This article focuses on an alternative way to deploy and update .NET applications running on AWS EC2 instances, and mitigates the shortcomings of the AWSDeploy standalone tool.
30 Jan 2014
Roman Kiss
This article describes how a Windows Azure BizTalk Service Bridge pipeline can be extended for message mediation by Workflow (VETER + WORKFLOW Pattern).
19 Jul 2016
Duncan Edwards Jones
A quick example of how to use the Microsoft Orleans library to develop a distributed, fault tolerant fund accounting system

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