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EC2, S3, MapReduce and more

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by Terrence Dorsey
Online services are going to steal all of our content and use it to enrich themselves. Or maybe they're not. It makes for great paranoid headlines whenever a popular site updates their terms of services, but what's really happening here?
by TheCodeKing
This article provides a solution for deploying multiple applications to a single AWS instance when using AWSDeploy.
by ludovicianul
Introduction As promised in the previous article I’ll continue presenting Google Guice also for web applications. In order to do ... Continue reading
by Chuck Han
Using the PHP AWS SDK (S3) to upload and show private files.

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by Mike114
How to setup unit test environment on Amazon Elastic Bamboo instance
by SupperSlonic
An extension to the Amazon .NET API that allows you to store the EMR Job’s flow description in a file or in an object, run and manage the flow locally, support an alternative flow in case of error
by TheCodeKing
This article focuses on an alternative way to deploy and update .NET applications running on AWS EC2 instances, and mitigates the shortcomings of the AWSDeploy standalone tool.
by Roy, Philippe
Cloud computing means opportunities as well as challenges. Here's an overview of cloud computing intersecting with the IVR world.

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by Mihai MOGA on tip/trick "IVR and cloud computing, an...
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by Roy, Philippe on tip/trick "IVR and cloud computing, an...
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by Roy, Philippe on tip/trick "IVR and cloud computing, an...

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