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by Abhijit Jana
How to track an object which is Out of Scope while Debugging?
by Dave Kerr
Promises are a core feature of AngularJS - whether you understand them or not, if you use AngularJS you've almost certainly been using them for a while.In this post I'm going to explain what promises are, how they work, where they're used and finally how to use them effectively.Once we've got the co
by Gordon W Beeming
Paste special feature in Visual Studio 2012
by Sacha Barber
I am working on a 3D article in WPF, and I wanted to use an ImageBrush but was having some issues with it, so I decided to split this out into a small test app.I had the following setupAnd I simply wanted to test this out by creating an ImageBrush that I could use to [...]

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by Artem Smirnov
codeproject I've been struggling for some time to make NuGet work for my online .Net IDE project, Chpokk. The good news is that there turned out to be a command line tool, NuGet.exe, which can be used on a build server, so I though I'd just use its functionality. The bad news is that it turned o
by adityaswami89
Before answering what is ORM ? we will try to find why ORM was needed ?? The problem : Object Relational Impedance Mismatch What is Object relational Impedance Mismatch ? The object-relational impedance mismatch is a set of conceptual and technical difficulties that are often encountered when a rela
by adityaswami89
Prerequisites :    ORM’s This is a kind of Persistence Patterns . Now why do we need these kind of patterns ? When building a complex application , you tend to divide the application into UI , Middle tier and the Database . When building applications like WPF, their is a general suggestion tha
by adityaswami89
Prerequisites : Data Mapper Pattern If you look at the above patterns , you will always need to do the below tasks : 1.Find the connection string from some sort of configuration 2.Open a new connection to the database 3.Create a command object or a recordset object 4.Execute the SQL statement or sto


by Kevin Mack on technical blog "Software and Science of Deduction"
by rrotstein on technical blog "Software and Science of Deduction"
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