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by Abhijit Jana
How to track an object which is Out of Scope while Debugging?
by Code Artist
Introduction Original AGauge controlAGauge is a gauge control for WinForms create by A.J.Bauer using GDI+.Original code was published in "Code Project - A fast and performing gauge"The version that I published here is an improved version of AGauge which contains the following changes.Download Source
by Gordon W Beeming
Paste special feature in Visual Studio 2012
by Sacha Barber
Today we had a requirement to do some pretty strange stuff in SQL which required us to call an encryption library in SQL server. This is something I had not done before, so I thought I would blog about it.There are several steps involved.1. Create the CLR Dll for the SQL function to use, and [...]

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by Bhargav Kaneria
Wait, if you are like man, what the hell? This is a silly program and you’re like we all have done it in our college or school. This has something more to it and you might find it interesting, so read on. Now, most of us used to write some version of this: Can this […]The post How to fin
by Gordon W Beeming
Recently I started playing with SignalR using TypeScript, one of the things that very quickly made it's way into my project is the T4 template file is a "T4 template that creates Typescript type definitions for all your Signalr hubs. If you have C# interface named "IClient", a TS int
by Gordon W Beeming
UPDATE: This has been identified as a bug and will be fixed in the next release for on-premise So if you have a lot customizations in your process template there is a slight chance you would have seen the error below after the upgrade. If you have completed the Configure Features option and still
by Paul Watt
When I create a new library, I like to approach the design from two different directions. The first is the traditional route, analyzing the functionality that I need and designing a suitable interface to access those features. I also may write a set of pseudo-code that demonstrates what it would loo


by George Swan on technical blog "How to find the largest of 3...
by Richard Ellicott on Article "Password Encryption using MD5 Hash...
by scratchcode on technical blog "After 50 years, BASIC still...
by Zachary Gardner on technical blog "Spontaneous Responsibility"
by Zachary Gardner on technical blog "Spontaneous Responsibility"

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