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by Keith Rule
Create visually complex, yet programmatically simple, non-rectangular GUIs
by Paul M Watt
Guide to understanding how to create and use regions with the WIN32 SDK
by Joseph M. Newcomer
GDI objects selected in a DC can't be deleted - even when you call DeleteObject. This handy class makes these potential leaks a thing of the past.
by wmjordan
Rendering text with OpenType fonts by P/Invoking GDI API in WinForm applications.

Latest Articles

by Jamie Nordmeyer
A class to make working with LOGFONTs easier
by Chris Copeland
Making use of buffering techniques to efficiently and flawlessly render large quantities of items in list controls.
by cdp_anhui_china
A special debugger to detect and locate GDI leaks, with source code.
by Amazing LED Display
High Performance Method for Capturing Screen

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In this exclusive handbook, we'll walk you through the steps to take in...


by valakh1 on Retrieving font name from TTF file
by wmjordan on tip/trick "Rendering text with OpenType fonts...
by Member 10228567 on Windows Vista Icons
by wmjordan on tip/trick "Rendering text with OpenType fonts...
by paul0009 on tip/trick "Rendering text with OpenType fonts...

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