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Great Reads

by Higty
This article describes the mail sending process using the SMTP mail protocol.
by PJ Naughter
A collection of freeware MFC classes to encapsulate the SNTP protocol.
by Igor Ladnik
Wrapper to facilitate usage of TCP sockets.
by Alberto Biafelli
How to make a simple web server which supports GZIP compression, applications, and sessions.

Latest Articles

by Mehdi Gholam
A binary JSON serializer based on fastJSON (support for MonoDroid)
by Mehdi Gholam
Smallest, fastest polymorphic JSON serializer (with Silverlight4 and MonoDroid support)
by Nosey Parker
How to calculate subnet fast and get active ip-addresses
by Nosey Parker
TcpClient.BeginConnect with timeout


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by dyngoman on Article "smtp client with SSL/TLS enabled"
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by Netwurke - Wireshark dissectors on Creating your own custom Wireshark Dissector

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