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by Chester Ragel
Finding MCMS user by role.
by Max R McCarty
Breach-Apocalypse In 2013 over 34 million Americans reported some form of identity theft.  Three quarters through 2014 there is already a reported 568 data breaches with over 75 million records compromised and hundreds of millions of users affected.  This is up from the 439 breaches in 2013.  Identi
by ambatisreedhar
An article on how to install Drupal in a step by step manner
by rusanu
In this article I will go over an alternative approach that relies on the FILESTREAM column types introduced in SQL Server 2008.

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by Dennis E White
So this is going to be a quick step by step tutorial on the steps that I took setting up Ubuntu inside of VirtualBox on my Macbook Pro. Before we get started make sure you have VirtualBox Installed. You can get a copy here. While you are installing VirtualBox you will want to download a […]
by essentialSQL
Recursive CTE’s In this article we explore recursive CTE’s (Common Table Expressions).  Recursive CTEs are special in the sense they are allowed to reference themselves!  Because of this special ability, you can use recursive CTEs to solve problems other queries cannot.  Recursive CTEs are really go
by Keyhole Software
Introduction In my last blog, I introduced Netty being used as a web server. That example worked well… as long as a broadcast server is what was needed. Most of the time that is not very useful. It’s more likely that the need is for each client to receive only the data intended for them,
by Gjermund Bjaanes
Why and how you can use your test coverage reports

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