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Microsoft Foundation Classes

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by The Ultimate Toolbox
The Ultimate Toolbox supports Office XP, Office 2003, and Classic application skins
by The Ultimate Toolbox
A selection of frequently asked questions submitted by users of the Ultimate Grid
by mengxz
CScrollBarEx is a simple MFC control derived from CWnd, it can display scrollbar max, min, and current value
by Aescleal
printf is so 1980s. If you don't want to dig out your shoulder pads and big hair why not go for a more modern C++ approach?Instead of a function try a stream buffer:class message_box_stream_buf : public std::basic_streambuf{ public: message_box_stream_buf( const...

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by Member 11246861
Under laptop's control, microcontroller sends sensor data to laptop that displays numbers and graphic.
by Marius Bancila
MFC Collection Utilities is a small open-source library that enables you to use any MFC collection with range-based for loops.
by Yvan Rodrigues
A complete implementation of a dynamic MFC recordset
by Biruk Abebe
How to completely take control of drawing a custom application window including the captionbar, menubar, toolbar, borders and statusbar in MFC Single document interface(SDI) applications using the MfcSkinSDI class.


by michael_sh_haifa on tip/trick "Serial communication between laptop...
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