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The Windows 8 Design

Great Reads

by Meshack Musundi
A Metro tile puzzle game
by Chris Maunder, Pete O'Hanlon
The Fake Project - The first two days of a Code Project redesign.
by Timmy Kokke
60 design templates for Windows Store apps.
by Colin Eberhardt
This blog post looks at the new concept of ‘transitions’ that WinRT, within Windows 8, introduces. This concept makes it very easy for you to create a fluid and interactive UI without going anywhere near storyboards! I have to admit it, I am a big fan of the Metro Design Language; the cl

Latest Articles

by Murali Gowda
Enable Windows 8 App(HTML) to make XHR Request to Service Hosted in Different Domain
by Yustto
Reading Exif coordinates from image for Windows phone 8
by Paul M Watt
Software Design Patterns have helped us create a language to communicate and concepts and leverage the skills of previous work. Design patterns are very powerful, language agnostic descriptions problems and solutions that have been encounter and solved many times over. However, design patterns are o
by Murali Gowda
WinJS custom control to plot/draw a simple donut like chart


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