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NoSQL - Alternatives to traditional relational databases

Great Reads

by George Swan
Highlights the latest developments in both the Mongo open-source document database and the open-source official C# driver.
by Vyacheslav Voronenko
This article demonstrates three approaches for storing tree like structures with NoSQL databases on example of the MongoDB.
by Bruce Yang cp
A distributed system architecture, machines placed around the world, with low maintenance charges in your private cloud.
by binit.ku.singh

Latest Articles

by binit.ku.singh
by HenryCharles1997
In the article, I'll show you how to build a simple URL shorten service with Redis and ASP.NET MVC
by Emiliarge
Read and write data to Access databases without limitations caused by the use of the SQL.
by DannyVarod
This article introduces you to an open source solution for decoupling your data management and query logic from the NoSQL vendor-specific integration logic.

Research Library

Application needs have been changing dramatically, due in large part to...
Learn from Dell Senior Product Manager John Pocknell as he presents...
Toad for Oracle is the database management tool of choice for both...
While the hype surrounding “NoSQL” (non-relational) database technology...


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by Mehdi Gholam on Article "RaptorDB - The Key Value Store V2"

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