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PHP Web Development

Great Reads

by Christoph Buenger
Describes PHP application development with the free Scavix Web Development Framework (Scavix-WDF).
by Sebastiaan Meijerink
A PHP MVC modal that mimics C# like Controllers.
by Christoph Buenger, DaSpors
How to easily build an online shop with the Scavix PHP Web Development Framework.
by amitjha1611
This article is basically helpfull in handling Registry Key through PHP code.

Latest Articles

by Syed M Hussain
This article presents a simple flat file database using Json as the storage format.
by Member 11155555
If you are trying to download multiple files in same time and downloading the files one by one then there is a better option to create a zip file, add the downloading files in the zip and download the zip … Continue reading →
by BookArt
Jade templating for PHP developers
by Peter Leow
The OO way to writing your database operation code in PHP


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