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PHP Web Development

Great Reads

by Christoph Buenger
Describes PHP application development with the free Scavix Web Development Framework (Scavix-WDF).
by Sebastiaan Meijerink
A PHP MVC modal that mimics C# like Controllers.
by Christoph Buenger, DaSpors
How to easily build an online shop with the Scavix PHP Web Development Framework.
by amitjha1611
This article is basically helpfull in handling Registry Key through PHP code.

Latest Articles

by Peter Leow
The OO way to writing your database operation code in PHP
by Right Handed Monkey
Sending mail using Amazon's SES (Simple Email Service)I couldn't find too many good examples for this online and the Amazon AWS PHP SDK had incomplete documentation for a SendEmail function when I was researching this topic.NOTE: My biggest flaw with this was I was using the SMTP username
by Latika surse
How to install Slim Framework on Ubuntu?
by G4mm4R4y
This code guides you in making your own currency, and is very simple.


by Member 11027660 on article "A simple webchat"
by Member 11027660 on article "Chat Application in PHP"
by Frans_55129 on tip/trick "PHP's Database Operation- Go OO"
by pandu web dev on tip/trick "Registry Key Handling Through PHP"
by Member 10970832 on Article "PHP MySQL Login Form"

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