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Great Reads

by Sacha Barber, Richard E King, Fredrik Bornander
This is true code, what you say
by Sacha Barber
An AI search application using the A* algorithm.
by Sacha Barber
Using Windows7 / VS2010 and some of the new bits such as TaskBar/JumpList and Drag & Drop
by Grant Frisken
Localize text, images, and any other WPF property using standard RESX files

Latest Articles

by Shivprasad koirala
In this article we will learn about WPF MVVM Architecture Step by Step(Basics to Advanced).
by Dieter Deysel
How to extend the default ObservableCollection with some powerful new features
by Paulo Zemek
Learn how to create a math expression compiler and a special WPF markup extension capable of using it to generate bindings.
by Mario Vernari
Here is a simple trick for simulating the shared-sizing feature of the WPF Grid even in a StackPanel fashion.


by Jan Bakker on article "Custom TreeView Layout in WPF"
by Pete O'Hanlon on article "Introducing the...
by Florian Rappl on article "WPF and multi-touch"
by Sunny_Kumar_ on article "Learn WPF MVVM step by step (Basics...
by Sacha Barber on article "MathBinding"

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