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Great Reads

by Sacha Barber
An AI search application using the A* algorithm.
by Sacha Barber
Using Windows7 / VS2010 and some of the new bits such as TaskBar/JumpList and Drag & Drop
by Grant Frisken
Localize text, images, and any other WPF property using standard RESX files
by Sacha Barber
It would probably be like Cinch, an MVVM framework for WPF.

Latest Articles

by George Swan
This article discusses how to use the Ninject and Prism frameworks to produce a loosely-coupled modular WPF Application.
by Nick Polyak
Describe architecturing a flexible and extensible WPF application with the help of WPFWidgetizer framework
by Frank W. Wu
Using AutoGenerateColumns to generate exactly as needed data columns
by Frank W. Wu
Showing you how to use the Popup to create your own dropdown-like window.


by Member 8747884 on tip/trick "Binding Radio Buttons to a Single...
by elim.projects on Article "WPF DrawTools"
by elim.projects on Article "WPF DrawTools"
by monolicciolo on article "How to Popup Anything?"

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