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by Ondrej_Uzovic
Improve the performance of interprocess communication between Android and .NET using fast binary serialization (Protocol Buffers) instead of XML or JSON.
by Michael Hodel
Enigma Puzzle for Android – a game as difficult as the Rubik's cube
by Chilap
Implement an easy-to-use file system backed by a SQLite database.
by dteviot
This is an Android application that shows the basics of building an EPUB file viewer for Android.

Latest Articles

by Garvit Arya
It is a personalized web Browser that can open a certain website directly.
by Tiancheng Hu
Using ThinkAlike, an ongoing Java MVVM framework(employing Android and JavaFX as view layer), to implement a cross-platform HearthStone game card reference and more.
by B. Clay "el Gonző" Shannon
Easily create and hook up values to display in an Android Spinner
by B. Clay "el Gonző" Shannon
How to View Every Change You've Ever Made to a File in Droidio With No Setup

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