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Great Reads

by Peter Leow
Exploring the connectivity options in Android.
by Ranjan.D
This article is all about user interactivity and discussion about the usage of various sensors in Android.
by Paul Lawitzki
This article presents one approach to increase the quality of rotation information gathered from different sensor sources using a simple sensor fusion algorithm, specifically on an Android device.
by Safak Tarazan
Usage of services, alarm manager and broadcast receivers.

Latest Articles

by Pavel Durov
Article about dynamic Sqlite database management on Android platform using Java class reflection.
by Pavel Durov
Uploading large files from Android to ASP.NET
by Ranjan.D
This article is all about how to make an Articles Request by using CodeProject API, then get the response and de-serialize the same and display the list of articles in a ListView element.
by Ranjan.D
This article is dedicated in explaining various aspects of publishing app, releasing updates, versioning etc. Also some other topics includes the best practices for Analytic's, Marketing and Monetization.

Research Library

Android is on the rise. Unfortunately, popularity can also bring...


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