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by Anish M
In IE8, it seems that the Marquee tag isn't supported anymore. Need for a Marquee replacement got me into my first Silverlight tryout. Please note, this is done as a quick alternative to the Marquees that didn't scroll in IE8, with something non Javascript. I had to do it since I didn't find anythin
by AspDotNetDev
View multiple browser windows in the Visual Studio IDE to consolidate your workflow.
by Fredrik Norén
Introduction I...
by Alaric Dailey
This would work too :)As an explanation, I use datediff to get the number of days, divide that by the correct number of days in a year (keeping track of leap years, there are only 97 in every 400 years) and then FLOOR the result, thus making sure it doesn't get rounded up accidentally....

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by Imran Abdul Ghani
HTML is a markup language that is used to structure and present various contents that can be rendered in a web browser. HTML5 is the latest Version/Standard of HTML – Hypertext Markup Language. In previous versions, additional plugins were used to render rich web contents but HTML5 facilitates
by Dmitriy Kozlov
In this article, I would like to demonstrate how to design a form with related documents and how to link new documents easily by dragging and dropping them onto the form. To build this solution I will use Forms Designer 2.8.8 which contains a new JavaScript function for auto filling metad
by Sam Varadarajan
Tnsping is a nice little utility that comes with Oracle. Lot of developers don’t know about this. If you have SQL*Plus available on your machine, chances are you also have tnsping. You can use this tool to troubleshoot Oracle connectivity issues, sort of like ping for TCP/IP. To use it, just t
by OriginalGriff
Disable the Close box on a form


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