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by Sunny Ahuwanya
A distributed implementation of the ASP.NET state service
by Richard Hewitson
An introduction to the capabilities of Scryber for creating dynamic PDF documents with data sources and style
by Akhil_Mittal
How to do custom mapping and entity to entity mapping with the help of AutoMapper.
by Jürgen Bäurle
This article describes how to validate an HTML form on client and server-side in conjunction with the jQuery JavaScript library.

Latest Articles

by John Atten
On March 20, 2014, the ASP.NET team released the RTM version 2.0 of the new Identity framework. The new release brings with it some long-awaited new features, and marks a substantial expansion of the security and authorization capabilities available to ASP.NET applications of all types. The ASP.NE
by John Atten
With the release of the Identity 2.0 framework in March of 2014, the Identity team has added a significant set of new features to the previously simple, but somewhat minimal ASP.NET Identity system. Some of the most visible, and in-demand features introduced with the new release are account validati
by Anurag Gandhi
A simplified approach to group grid view data in mvc
by John Atten
Add Basic Group-Based permissions management to your ASP.NET MVC application. For applications of moderate complexity, which require a little more granularity in authorization permissions, but which may not warrant moving to a heavy-weight solutions such as Active Directory.

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