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by roscler
Azure based pet adoption agent that helps pet lovers find the perfect pet while saving the lives of kittens & puppies
by Ranjan.D
HealthReunion is a complete solution for medium , large scale healthcare providers and patients. It's a Azure based hosted solution
by Shayne P Boyer
Putting the alerts in your hands through the use of Azure
by Florian Rappl
Crawling tons of (individual) web information and creating statistics using Windows Azure.

Latest Articles

by Max R McCarty
In our Be Sure with Azure .NET – Azure Table Storage (Part 1) we cover details about Azure Table Storage such as working with NoSQL databases, how they compare to relational databases, how to design and create your Azure Table as well as all the available operations for persisting data.  In Part 2 o
by IInjac
Azure Mobile Services Managed Backend–fortumo Mobile Payment Integration
by Max R McCarty
This is the second article in an on going series on Microsoft Azure features and services.  If your just joining us, you might want to take a look at the previous Microsoft Azure Blob Storage article that covers how to get started with an Azure Storage account, development tools, using the Azure Sto
by Carl Randall
Upgrading Windows Azure Storage Emulator fails with error message 'Windows Azure Storage Emulator failed to install'

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by Naveen Garla on technical blog "Be Sure with Azure .NET –...
by Girish Kalamati on technical blog "Windows Azure Storage Emulator...
by Florian Rappl on article "Azure WebState"
by Shemeemsha RA on article "Azure WebState"
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