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Dialogs and Windows

Great Reads

by James Spibey
An article discussing a Plug-in for Nullsoft Winamp which looks and behaves like the Winamp UI.
by Marc Richarme
Yet another fully stacked control for displaying scrolling credits...
by Lim Bio Liong
A System Tray Utility to precisely capture screenshots of Windows and Controls anywhere on the screen.
by Nish Sivakumar
A wrapper class for SHFormatDrive (XP/2K only). Corrects some errors in KB article Q173688

Latest Articles

by Emiliarge
Using WindowChrome from Microsoft.Windows.Shell.dll
by syed shanu
XBAR and Range Chart using C#
To set the Connectionstring and the other configuration variables in a file and acess it dynamically
by syed shanu
USL/LSL Control Chart using .Net for Quality Control.


by Will Pittenger on Article "Wizard Form Implementation"
by Will Pittenger on Article "Wizard Form Implementation"
by Member 8006497 on Article "wpf loading splash screen"
by Member 10965124 on Article "Filtering Special Keys Using C#"
by Member 4776983 on Article "NetMeeting for Windows 7"

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