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Exception Handling

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by Igor Vigdorchik
How to use the Transient Fault Handling Application Block
by TheyCallMeMrJames
How to handle the “Unrecognized configuration section userSetting” exception.
by Vipin Kumarr
Introduction: Recently I was working on an issue caused by OOM exception and found out interesting finding about String.Split() function. I thought I should share the finding with others and they may also benefit from this analysis in solving OOM exceptions. Its a step by step article, i have tried
by Andrew Rissing
I would actually go the route getting those developers to follow good practice. As a whole, the field would be better off if developers like that were mentored rather than something like this.So, I would recommend using either of the techniques you put forth originally (using the Data...

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by Imran Abdul Ghani
Handling transaction in WCF
by Member 11794279
My motivation for writing this article is to show that even a small new feature can have impact on the overall site availability. You can try to use right technology. How to do this?The answer is as usual ‘it all depends’. What I would like to do, in this article, is not to provide the final answer,
by Acharya Raja Sekhar
WCF Global Exception Handling
by Sacha Barber
I am in the process of reading this very book : Cloud Design Patterns which discusses a great many patterns for the cloud (geared primarily at Azure), and there is talk of a “Circuit Breaker” and “Retry Pattern”. The “Circuit Breaker” pattern is a new one to me, but the “Retry Pattern” is  certainly

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