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Exception Handling

Exception Handling

Great Reads

by Igor Vigdorchik
How to use the Transient Fault Handling Application Block
by TheyCallMeMrJames
How to handle the “Unrecognized configuration section userSetting” exception.
by Vipin Kumarr
Introduction: Recently I was working on an issue caused by OOM exception and found out interesting finding about String.Split() function. I thought I should share the finding with others and they may also benefit from this analysis in solving OOM exceptions. Its a step by step article, i have tried
by Amogh Natu
This tip provides one solution to the exception "Configuration system failed to initialize" in C#

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by Gaston Verelst
Handling a Microservices project
by Sotirios Diamantis
You have a problem with your app, and limited computer resources; this code will help you find the problem, by giving you the sequence of function calls that caused it.
by B. Clay Shannon
How to use temporary MessageBox.Show()s in your C# app to quickly see data about exceptions
by Dennis E White
Swift error handling

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by pip010 on Article "Better exception handling for C++"
by pip010 on Article "Better exception handling for C++"
by Assil on technical blog "Transient Exception Handling"
by FeGm on Article "Better exception handling for C++"
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