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by Member 4296147
This Article explains the upload and resizeing of a load of images in one go
by joinsaad
One of the biggest time consuming and productivity killer task for automation engineers is the time when they are executing their scripts. Not only scripts take long time to run but also while they are running, we cannot do any thing else. This is a desire of every automation engineer that he could
by hjgode
How to decrypt password from default.rdp on windows mobile
by gggustafson
Introduces a user-drawn control, named SevenSegmentLEDDigits, that displays a decimal value as a sequence of seven LED segment digits.

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by gggustafson
This article presents two UserControls, PasswordXEye and TextBoxX, that extend the functionality of the underlying PasswordEye and TextBox controls.
by Philipp Katscher
How to draw a compass and feed it with NMEA device data (i.e. a GPS Compass)
by Brad Joss
A comedy tumbleweed to bounce across your desktop
by Kees van Spelde
This is an alternative for "AutoShut, my first program in C#"


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by gggustafson on article "PasswordXEye and TextBoxX Controls"
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