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Game Development

Great Reads

by Marcelo Ricardo de Oliveira
WCF-enabled multi-player XNA game for the Windows platform.
by Keith Rule
Using C# to do sophisticated analysis of Texas Holdem
by Marcelo Ricardo de Oliveira
Learn how to create a Windows Phone crosswords game taking advantage of online internet resources
by Marcelo Ricardo de Oliveira
Demo for a math puzzle board game

Latest Articles

by Robert Welliever
Advanced introduction to rendering browser-driven, parallax 3D environments.
by Hung, Han
This article is basically a tutorial on how to code your own Sudoku game using VB.Net.
by Keyhole Software
User interface developers often come across situations that involve creating several web interface dashboards with similar architectures but with different UI controls and backend services serving real-time data. Examples of such Dashboards could be real-time stock quotes, or real-time performance o
by milkboy31415
This code transforms rotations and vectors between reference frames such as Unreal, 3d Studio Max, etc.


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