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Game Development

Great Reads

by Marcelo Ricardo de Oliveira
Demo for a math puzzle board game
by Hung, Han
This article is basically a tutorial on how to code your own Sudoku game using VB.Net.
by Marcelo Ricardo de Oliveira
Learn how to create a Windows Phone crosswords game taking advantage of online internet resources
by Colin Vella
This article presents an algorithm and data structures to implement auto-tiling as seen in RPG Maker, the Starcraft level editor, etc.

Latest Articles

by Ashley Davis
Covers theory, principles and practical techniques to help your testing efforts.
by Steve Naidamast
The State of the Industry  One of the most alluring aspects of software development is the creation of one’s own game or a utility to support a game genre.
by Steve Naidamast
Author’s Note… Please note that the use of the words game, war game, and simulation are all used interchangeably through this paper.
by BouncyTarget
A sample Role Playing Game using SpriteLibrary to do the graphics


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