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Great Reads

by Joseph M. Newcomer
How do you capture the bitmap of a window? This little download shows how, and places the bitmap on the clipboard.
by Nish Sivakumar
An ExifReader class in C# that supports custom formatting and extraction. StyleCop compliant code, with demos for WPF and Windows Forms.
by pmpdesign
A lightweight C# library to add images and 'round rectangles' to a PDF on the fly and then securely embed the PDF in a web page
by Phat (Phillip) H. VU
Some simple examples of how to apply affine transformations in computer graphics.

Latest Articles

by Simon McKenzie
Reads JPEG Exif data without the heavyweight and unnecessary instantiation of GDI+ objects.
by Chad Z. Hower aka Kudzu
Bar code scanner integration with WPF or WinForms.
by Vasily Tserekh
Collission algorithms aren't rocket science and this article proves this idea.
by Steffen Ploetz
How to draw text unsing Cairo from C# with full control over character positioning, linebreaking and so on.


by PDerryberry on Barcode Image Generation Library
by Mark J. Miller on Article "HTML to Image in C#"
by Herbie Mountjoy on Article "ExifLib - A fast Exif data extractor...
by jimjamjo on article "Canon EDSDK Tutorial in C#"
by Saph_7 on article "Canon EDSDK Tutorial in C#"

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