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Great Reads

by Jaime Olivares
An architectural proposal to integrate mobile and .Net applications
by Colin Eberhardt
This blog post describes the creation of a simple Twitter search application for iOS, based on a similar application I wrote for Windows Phone a few months back.
by Komin Dmitry
How to write iPhone application to authenticate to SharePoint and read the contents of a list provided by the SharePoint REST API.
by Cloud Hsu
How to remind review in iPhone App

Latest Articles

by Leslie Godwin
The UISwitch's UIControlEventValueChanged event is pretty useless if you'd like to get a notification only when the switch value actually changes.
by Amogh Natu
This tip shows how to parse JSON response received from a web service into an NSDictionary object.
by MikeGledhill
How to add an fade-in message to your iPhone app in 5 minutes
by Leslie Godwin
When you add additional layers to a UIView, those new layers don't animate in the same way that the UIView's Backing Layer does. I have a trick that fixes this gotcha good and proper.

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