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Great Reads

by Jaime Olivares
An architectural proposal to integrate mobile and .Net applications
by Colin Eberhardt
This blog post describes the creation of a simple Twitter search application for iOS, based on a similar application I wrote for Windows Phone a few months back.
by Cloud Hsu
How to remind review in iPhone App
by Komin Dmitry
How to write iPhone application to authenticate to SharePoint and read the contents of a list provided by the SharePoint REST API.

Latest Articles

by MikeGledhill
How to add an fade-in message to your iPhone app in 5 minutes
by Leslie Godwin
When you add additional layers to a UIView, those new layers don't animate in the same way that the UIView's Backing Layer does. I have a trick that fixes this gotcha good and proper.
by Michael Chourdakis
Tutorial for Objective-C beginners
by Anna Koneva
An article about interoperation issues in mixed C/C++/Objective-C development

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