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Great Reads

by Jaime Olivares
An architectural proposal to integrate mobile and .Net applications
by Komin Dmitry
How to write iPhone application to authenticate to SharePoint and read the contents of a list provided by the SharePoint REST API.
by Colin Eberhardt
This blog post describes the creation of a simple Twitter search application for iOS, based on a similar application I wrote for Windows Phone a few months back.
by Ohmu
Low-level text rendering in iPhone.

Latest Articles

by Dennis E White
How to create delegates in Objective-C
by leshkoapps
How you can use AVAssetResourceLoader and AVPlayer in your apps
by refusebt
RFJModel is an easy-to-use JSON loading library. In comparing with other libraries, it's much easiler and less restricted to use.
by Michael Gledhill
How to fix an issue with a vertical gap appearing about UITableView, embedded in a UIViewController


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by Dennis E White on tip/trick "Creating Delegates in Objective-C"
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