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by Johnny J.
How to work around a ClickOnce limitation.
by Fabrizio Stellato
Prepare an installer that verifies the system's architecture and that .NET is installed.
by Ivan Leonenko
When you need to prompt user to close certain aplications on install/uninstall.
by Andrea Flesca
Activiti in Action is a great book, but I had some problems in performing the two simple exercises of the first chapter due (IMHO) to the lack of some information

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by Eric Anderson IO
Now that the base distribution has been installed we can now continue the installation process by creating an fstab file.What Is An FStab FileCodeProjectFor a short explaination, an fstab file is basically a text file that holds all of the partitions that we have. Diving deep into what an fstab file
by Eric Anderson IO
Picking back up where part one ended. Open virutal box and select your newly partitioned virtual machine click settings and select storage. Within the Storage Tree select the Controller: IDE and replace GParted with the Arch Linux ISO you downloaded then click ok then start the virtual machine.CodeP
by Eric Anderson IO
Arch Linux OverviewArch Linux is by far my favorite Linux distribution to date. It is a simple, lightweight distribution that is also a rolling release system. Meaning that you install Arch once and upgrade your system by issuing one command via Arch's package manager pacman -Syu.CodeProjectThe Arch
by Eric Anderson IO
Picking up from part three, now would be a great time to enable networking. Network setupWe'll start off enabling the network for a wired connection by entering the following command:CodeProjectsystemctl enable dhcpcd@eth0.service If you don't have a wireless card you can skip the followingF


by EmpiricaConsultingLtd on Using VB to create & check license keys
by Member 7942646 on Using VB to create & check license keys
by Member 7942646 on Using VB to create & check license keys
by Member 10824393 on tip/trick "Creating an installer in Visual...
by Member 10112720 on tip/trick "Creating an installer in Visual...

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