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Great Reads

by Johnny J.
How to work around a ClickOnce limitation.
by Fabrizio Stellato
Prepare an installer that verifies the system's architecture and that .NET is installed.
by Ivan Leonenko
When you need to prompt user to close certain aplications on install/uninstall.
by Andrea Flesca
Activiti in Action is a great book, but I had some problems in performing the two simple exercises of the first chapter due (IMHO) to the lack of some information

Latest Articles

by Hemant__Sharma
Article attempts to solve hassle of maintaining and deploying multiple configuration files for different testing/deployment stages/environments.
by Oleg Shilo
An article about UI extensions for WixSharp (C# interface to the WiX toolset)
by Amogh Natu
This post explains all the steps required to do a factory reset to a Mac running OS X 10.9 (Mavericks). These steps can also be used on other lower mac versions.
by Stuart Wheelwright
How to produce and publish a NuGet package using AppVeyor, the free continuous build service


by gregsohl on A Windows Installer Database Diff Tool
by Member 8919952 on Article "Deploying MFC applications via ClickOnce"
by kalpesh2804 on .NET Framework 2.0 Installer for Innosetup
by Deepu S Nair on Article "WIX for Install DataBase"
by jolyonw on tip/trick "How to install Visual Studio 6 on...

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