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General Programming Libraries

Great Reads

by Florian Rappl
Bringing the DOM to C# with a HTML5/CSS3 parser written in C#.
by Y Sujan
Simple undo/redo library for C#/.NET.
by Alexander Wieser
The Spectre Framework is an attempt to introduce HTML5 as a first class citizen UI language for CLR based applications.
by Achilleas Margaritis
Description of the library AGM::LibReflection.

Latest Articles

by Cinchoo
Easy to use command line argument parser, with loaded features like usage creation, type-safe management etc
by Chinmoy Mohanty
Its without a doubt that Microsoft .NET provides us with wonderful APIs to interact with a variety of interfaces/entities. One such API/library exists in the System.Net namespace. WebRequest and WebResponse are two such libraries which help us in programatically making HTTP Requests and analyse the
by lessthanoptimal
Simple tutorial on visual object tracking with BoofCV on Android and the Desktop
by Sourav Kayal
This is the first article demonstrated inheritance in Entity Framework. In this article I have implemented the Table per Hierarchy approach.


by TeemeeT on An SMPPLIB with COM Support
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by Ankit Sarkar on Article "MEF Logger – Creating plugins using MEF"
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