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CCryptographicHash : CCryptography

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This class encapsulates cryptographic hashes. A "cryptographic hash" is basically a checksum.


CCryptographicHash( HCRYPTHASH source_handle, BOOL automatically_destroy = TRUE )
Constructs the object.


BOOL Destroy( void )
Destroys the hash.
BOOL FromHandle( HCRYPTHASH source_handle, BOOL automatically_destroy = TRUE )
Tells the class to start playing with the HCRYPTHASH provided.
BOOL GetAlgorithmIdentifier( DWORD& identifier )
Retrieves the identifier for the algorithm.
HCRYPTHASH GetHandle( void ) const
Returns the encapsulated HCRYPTHASH so you can play with the API directly.
BOOL GetLength( DWORD& block_length )
Retrieves the block length.
BOOL GetValue( CByteArray& hash_result )
Retrieves the hash itself.
BOOL GetParameter( const DWORD parameter_to_get, BYTE *buffer, DWORD& buffer_length, const DWORD flags = 0 )
Retrieves one of the following bits of information:
  • parameterAlgorithmIdentifier
  • parameterLength
  • parameterValue
It is probably easier to call the helper functions, GetAlgorithmIdentifier(), GetLength() or GetValue() than GetParameter().
BOOL Hash(  CByteArray& data_to_compute_a_hash_on, DWORD flags = CRYPT_USERDATA  )
BOOL Hash( const CCryptographicKey& key_to_hash, DWORD flags = 0 )
Computes the hash value from the data block (data_to_compute_hash_on)or the CCryptographicKey (key_to_hash) given. You can retrieve the hash via GetValue.
BOOL SetParameter( const DWORD parameter_to_set, BYTE *buffer, const DWORD flags = 0 )
Sets a parameter of the key. You can set one of these parameters:
  • parameterValue
BOOL SetValue( CByteArray& value )
Basically calls SetParameter() with parameterValue.
BOOL Sign( DWORD which_key_to_sign_with, CString& password, CByteArray& signature, DWORD flags = 0 )
After you've created the hash you must sign it. You must supply a plain text password to be used in the signature.
BOOL VerifySignature( CByteArray& signature, CCryptographicKey& public_key_to_verify_with, CString& password, DWORD flags = 0 )
To verify the signature, you must supply the exact same plain text password as the person who signed (using Sign()) the hash.



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Copyright, 2000, Samuel R. Blackburn
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