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This class allows you to play with desktops.

Data Members



void Attach( HDESK desktop_handle )
Attaches an existing desktop handle to this object.
BOOL Close( void )
Closes the desktop.
BOOL Create( const CString& name_of_desktop,
                   DWORD    desired_access = DESKTOP_CREATEWINDOW,
      LPSECURITY_ATTRIBUTES security_attributes_p = NULL,
                   LPCTSTR  display_device_name = NULL,
                   DWORD    flags = 0 )
Creates a new desktop.
BOOL GetAutomaticallyClose( void ) const
Returns whether the encapsulated desktop will be closed in the destructor.
DWORD GetErrorCode( void ) const
Returns the last error encountered.
HDESK GetHandle( void ) const
Returns the encapsulated HDESK handle.
void GetThread( DWORD thread_id = 0 )
Attaches this CDesktop to the dekstop of the specified thread_id.
BOOL GetWindows( CDWordArray& window_handles )
Gathers a list of all window handles for the desktop.
BOOL Open( const CString& desktop_name,  DWORD desired_access = DESKTOP_CREATEWINDOW, DWORD flags = 0, BOOL inherit = FALSE )
Opens the desktop.
BOOL OpenInput( DWORD desired_access = accessCreateWindow, DWORD flags = 0, BOOL inherit = FALSE )
Opens the desktop for input.
void SetAutomaticallyClose( BOOL automatically_close = TRUE )
Tells CDesktop to call Close() in the destructor.
BOOL SetThread( void )
Sets the current thread's desktop to this CDesktop.
BOOL SwitchTo( const CDesktop& new_desktop )
Makes the new_desktop visible and activates it.



API's Used

Copyright, 2000, Samuel R. Blackburn
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$Modtime: 1/04/00 5:11a $