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CNetworkScheduleJob : CObject

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This handles the same information as AT_ENUM and AT_INFO. It is used to schedule jobs that run unattended.


CNetworkScheduleJob( const AT_ENUM * source )
CNetworkScheduleJob( const AT_INFO * source )
CNetworkScheduleJob( const CNetworkScheduleJob& source )
Constructs the object.

Data Members

Contains the job identifier.
DWORD NumberOfMillisecondsFromMidnight
Contains the number of milliseconds from midnight that the job will execute.
DWORD DaysOfTheMonth
A bitmapped field of the days of the month when the job will execute. Bit zero corresponds to the first day of the month.
DWORD DaysOfTheWeek
A bitmapped field of the days of the week when the job will execute. Bit zero corresponds to Monday.
A bitmapped field describing job properties.
CString Command
The actual command line that will be executed.


void Copy( const AT_ENUM * source )
void Copy( const AT_INFO * source )
void Copy( const CNetworkScheduleJob& source )
Copies the contents of source.
void Dump( CDumpContext& dump_context ) const
Present only in debug builds. Dumps useful information to the debugging window.
void Empty( void )
Zeroizes the object.
void Serialize( CArchive& archive )
After all we are a CObject...



API's Used

CNetworkScheduleJob encapsulates the following data structures:
Copyright, 2000, Samuel R. Blackburn
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