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This class is built for speed so it breaks all of the OO rules. It basically is a smart index. It gives you a byte index, line number and column number for parsing. It makes it easy to report errors to the user like "Cannot parse gudfiddlebarb beginning at line 47 column 3."


inline CParsePoint()
inline CParsePoint( const CParsePoint& source )
Constructs the object. The beginning line number is 1 and the beginning column is 1.


inline void AutoIncrement( BYTE character )
Automatically increments the byte index. If character is a new line, line number is incremented and column number is reset to 1.
inline void Copy( const CParsePoint& source )
Copies source to this object.
inline void Empty( void )
Re-initializes the object. The byte index will be set to zero, the line index and column index will be set to one.
inline DWORD GetIndex( void ) const
Returns the byte index.
inline DWORD GetLineIndex( void ) const
Returns the column number (beginning at 1) in the current line.
inline DWORD GetLineNumber( void ) const
Returns the current line number (beginning at 1).
inline void SetIndex( DWORD index )
Sets the byte index.
inline void SetLineIndex( DWORD column_number )
Sets the column number.
inline void SetLineNumber( DWORD line_number )
Sets the current line number.
inline void IncrementIndex( int steps = 1 )
Increments the byte index.
inline void IncrementLineIndex( int steps = 1 )
Increments the line column number.
inline void IncrementLineNumber( int steps = 1 )
Increments the line number.


inline CParsePoint& operator = ( const CParsePoint& source )
Calls Copy().


void failed_at_location( const CParsePoint& location )
   _tprintf( TEXT( "Failed parsing, field began at line number %lu column %lu\n",
             location.GetLineIndex() );

Copyright, 2000, Samuel R. Blackburn
$Workfile: CParsePoint.cpp $
$Modtime: 1/04/00 5:18a $