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WFC Technical Note 3 - Generating HTML Documentation

$Revision: 2 $ Last Modified $Date: 10/01/98 6:54a $


WFC ships with all documentation included. The documentation is in HTML format. The reason for this was to make the docs as readable as possible. No special tool is used to create the documentation. The HTML is embedded in the source code files and is pulled out using the HTML sample program.

Building the Extraction Tool

After you have extracted and built WFC (see TechNote 2 for details), you must build the HTML tool. This tool will go through the source code files and create the HTML documentation.

Build Steps

  1. Open the \WFC\SAMPLE\HTML\HTML.DSW project workspace.
  2. Build the Release project.
  3. Copy HTML.EXE to your system directory (i.e. C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32)

Creating HTML Documents

Open the \WFC\HTML\Document.cmd in a text editor. Edit line 6, change E: to whatever drive letter you installed WFC on.

OK, here comes the hard part. Open a command prompt and change directories to the WFC\HTML directory. Run the Document.cmd batch file. This will create the online documentation. To get started, load the wfc.htm file in your favorite browser. You will now be able to navigate the documentation just as though you were on Internet.

Samuel R. Blackburn