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C++ / CLI

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by Nish Sivakumar
Basic introduction to using OLE DB to insert, update and read records from a database
by Chen Hao
How to control the dependancy on oleacc.dll in your Visual C++ .NET applications
by Nish Sivakumar
This article walks through the implementation of a C++/CLI class from a disposable C# base.
by Nish Sivakumar
Tutorial on creating your own collection classes that are enumerable and sortable. Explains in detail the usage of the IEnumerable, IEnumerator, IComparable and IComparer interfaces

Latest Articles

by VUnreal
I'm going to show you some not quite evident things if you're about to write a C++/CLI application.
by Vivek Rathod
This article aspires to explain one of the ways a managed type can be invoked from a native type and more importantly from unmanaged C/C++ code.
by Geoffrey Mellar
Template class for calling trigger functions by a key
by Gabor Fekete
This post demonstrates how to use auto with move-only types. In Declaration and initialization with auto, we showed that using auto for local declarations makes the code safer and more readable. It avoids writing declarations where we easily loose sight of the variable name. Like the fir

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