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C++ / CLI

Great Reads

by Nish Nishant
Basic introduction to using OLE DB to insert, update and read records from a database
by Chris Maunder
A quick introduction to Garbage collection in .NET using Managed C++
by Chen Hao
How to control the dependancy on oleacc.dll in your Visual C++ .NET applications
by Nish Nishant
This article walks through the implementation of a C++/CLI class from a disposable C# base.

Latest Articles

A C-replacement for MessageBox
by Norbert Schneider
A short code snippet to fetch the USB Serial Number of a file name residing on a stick.
by Mehul Donga
Handle managed (C#) event in managed (C++/CLI)
by VUnreal
I'm going to show you some not quite evident things if you're about to write a C++/CLI application.

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