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General Mobile Development

Great Reads

by Erich Duda
This article shows how to create Snake game using Moscrif SDK.
by PavolSatala
How to create an air hockey game for one player against the artificial intelligence for three mobile platforms with only one code?
by Daniel Vaughan
Create best-in-breed cross-platform MVVM apps using Calcium for Xamarin.Forms.
by Rajesh Anuhya

Latest Articles

by Ricardo Trujillo Rodríguez
How to integrate push notifications on your Drupal 7 site and your Titanium Apps
by Pradiptab2
How to develop your first Servoy mobile application
by Daniel Vaughan
Using Xamarin Forms platform specific rendering to create a cross-platform application bar.
by Daniel Vaughan
Leverage existing .resx files to localize Windows Phone, Android, and iOS apps in Xamarin.Forms.

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by Micho Chum Chang on article "Snake game for tablets and Smartphones"
by Uzair Ahmed Riaz Ahmed on technical blog "Develop First Servoy Mobile...
by Member 10696710 on Article "A simple GPS based application to...
by Patrick Harris on technical blog "Develop First Servoy Mobile...
by Ricardo Trujillo Rodríguez on article "Sending Push Notifications from a...

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