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Great Reads

by Clayton Rumley
An easy-to-use class that allows us to create PHP classes whose methods are automatically exposed in client-side JavaScript.
by Abhijit Jana
When can we use HttpContext.Current.Items to stores data in ASP.NET?
by Vladimir Ivanovskiy
This article shows how to compile and run F# code during runtime.
by Rion Williams
This post will cover how to create a simple “cookie-aware” WebClient class that will authenticate and persist this authentication for the duration of the WebClient to allow access to secure areas of your MVC Application without the need for re-authenticating for each request.

Latest Articles

by Qwertie
It seems like the little design flaws of .NET get on my nerves more and more every week.Today I realized that I wanted to do a binary search. No problem--I put a binary search method in Loyc.Essentials; four independent implementations, in fact, one for IList, one for T[], and two for more obscure s
by neolithos
NeoLua implements Lua as a .NET dynamic language.
by Ronnie Mukherjee
How does 'this' in JavaScript differ from 'this' in other languages?
by Grant Curell
Below is the code for listing open ports on a windows box via Ruby. This line first lists all active connections via netstat. The find “LISTENING” section lists those ports in a listening state. The “find /V” looks for any line without “″. This last part is


by Qwertie on technical blog ".NET just keeps getting more...
by Chad3F on technical blog ".NET just keeps getting more...
by Thornik on technical blog ".NET just keeps getting more...
by JMK-NI on Article "What is Ruby on Rails? (an...
by john morrison leon on technical blog ".NET just keeps getting more...

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