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Algorithms and Recipes

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by Corinna John
Encode a message in the order of any list
by Chris Maunder
Some classes and utility functions for general computational geometry
by Petr Ivankov
Sample of integration of branches of engineering.
by César de Souza
The Hidden Conditional Random Field - or why discriminative learning is also an option.

Latest Articles

by Vadim Stadnik
We discuss simple variants of the Voronoi diagram using standard containers and algorithms that deliver better performance than the brute force approach.
by Igor Ladnik
Article presents simple software for solving square optimal control problem for linear and nonlinear dynamic systems.
by Mr. Lai Tai-Yu (Averill, Lai)
A simple image binarization
by Mehdi Gholam
Word Aligned Hybrid (WAH) compression for BitArrays


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by Mr. Lai Tai-Yu (Averill, Lai) on tip/trick "How to implement binarization using...
by Hovhannes Bantikyan on article "Discrete Haar Wavelet Transformation"
by Member 10785685 on JSON Spirit: a C++ JSON Parser/Generator...
by 10BRG on tip/trick "Levenshtein Edit Distance Algorithm"

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