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Algorithms and Recipes

Great Reads

by Chris Maunder
Some classes and utility functions for general computational geometry
by Petr Ivankov
Sample of integration of branches of engineering.
by César de Souza
The Hidden Conditional Random Field - or why discriminative learning is also an option.
by Igor S Medvedev
The article describes a C# library for symbolic computations.

Latest Articles

by pyblendnet-js
Development of an algorithm to gradually change an angular setting and stop it at a particular angle.
by César de Souza
Explore your data using statistical distributions: explore, initialize, create, estimate and use statistical distributions from the Accord.NET Framework using an application based entirely on reflection.
by JorgeLuisOrejel
This article deals with the implementation of polynomial division by the familiar algorithm of long integer division in the context of two applications.
by Ronnie Mukherjee
Out of curiosity and a wish to refresh my memory of some things I learnt in uni, I recently started reading about imperative and declarative programming. Before long I had entered a never-ending cycle of conflicting definitions, opinions and debates. It really is an interesting topic to explore, how

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Every developer wants to write good code – code they can be proud of....


by Member 10519728 on Genetic and Ant Colony Optimization Algorithms
by Member 11727195 on Article "ECG Feature Extraction with Wavelet...
by César de Souza on article "Statistics Workbench"
by César de Souza on article "Statistics Workbench"
by César de Souza on article "Sequence Classifiers in C# - Part I:...

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