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Algorithms and Recipes

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by Petr Ivankov
Sample of integration of branches of engineering.
by Chris Maunder
Some classes and utility functions for general computational geometry
by César de Souza
The Hidden Conditional Random Field - or why discriminative learning is also an option.
by Tomas Takac
How to sort an directed graph using topological sorting in C#.

Latest Articles

by InvisibleMedia
Defining innovation beyond the limits of Chomsky
by Qwertie
Concerned about regular expressions being unintelligible, repetitive, hard to get right and non-recursive? Read part 5, possibly the most useful part yet!
by schollii
Convert integer numbers to english text representation
by Jaime Olivares
Small C# class to store and extract uncompressed and deflated files in new or existing Zip files, without any external library

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