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Algorithms and Recipes

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by Rama Krishna Vavilala
Examining the assembly listing generated by the C++ compiler
by Qwertie
A memory-efficient Patricia trie that implements IDictionary and supports the "find nearest key" operation.
by Michael Haephrati
Creating an application that can generate crosswords from a list of words
by Corinna John
Encode a message in the order of any list

Latest Articles

by Mark Harker
In this article I would like to discuss how you can find all non-simple paths from a starting node to an end node in a directed graph.
by ehab_nour
Fast algorithm
One example of the need to have a set of nested loops in is combinotronics where you are trying to generate all possible combinations. If we want to have a variable number of elements generated then we need to look at having dynamically nested loops.
by John W. Wilkinson
A C++ JSON parser/generator written using Boost::spirit

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Due to recent innovations in the mobile device industry, demand for...
At the Enterprise level, API initiatives must serve a diverse range of...
To assess how small and medium-sized businesses are focusing on growth...
75% of the Fortune 1000 companies will offer public APIs by 2014 and...


by Richard MacCutchan on tip/trick "C# Class to generate Math....
by Member 10668955 on Statistical parsing of English sentences
by NguyenTrungK4a on Article "Sorting Algorithms Codes in"
by Bernardo Castilho on Article "A Calculation Engine for .NET"
by Rene Laviolette on Article "A Calculation Engine for .NET"

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