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by Ben M Watson
Nearly 7 years ago, I wrote a little article called The Top 5 Attributes of Highly Effective Programmers that got some good feedback and has proven popular over time. One matures as a developer, of course. I wrote that last article quite closer to the beginning of my career. Over the last few years,
by Ahmed Abd El Kader
When you need to run a different version of the .NET Framework on different Virtual Directories
by Arun Ramachandran India
CodeProject In the last blog post, we have discussed about COALESCE function in SQL Server. You can read that article here. In this article we will go over UNION and UNION ALL  Operators in SQL Server. In this article, we will discuss about following: Purpose of UNION and UNION ALL. Differences betw
by Luigi Grilli
C# fastcgi protocol implementation. A good example on how to self-host your web application without the need of iis or mono, for example using Nginx on both Windows and Linux

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by Sudhir Dutt Rawat
This tip is about configuration of IIS for performance optimization of websites
by Paul M Watt
Does this scenario sound familiar? You have identified a piece of troublesome logic in your code-base, which has been the source of many headaches for both you and your managers. You have also determined an elegant fix to make the code maintainable and easy to work with for many years to come. You m
by Imran Abdul Ghani
3 Simple Steps to Create SharePoint 2013 Site Collection
by sebastianrogers
One thing everyone loved about the SharePoint 2010 my sites was the Silverlight Organisation chart. It seems to have been dropped from SharePoint 2013, my guess as Silverlight is no longer flavour of the month. However its still there on the \organizationview.aspx page in the My Site Host Collection


by JM Pironneau on Article "Installing Drupal on Windows 7"
by Sudhir Dutt Rawat on tip/trick "IIS performance improvement"
by giadich on tip/trick "IIS performance improvement"
by Sudhir Dutt Rawat on tip/trick "IIS performance improvement"
by Member 3821093 on tip/trick "IIS performance improvement"

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