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SharePoint Server

Great Reads

by Yiyi Sun
Use the Presentation Model pattern in a SharePoint Services 3.0 site.
by Jonathan Cardy
How to make the most of the Client-Side Object Model in your SharePoint App
by Sike Mullivan
Demonstrates retrieving schema and importing to SharePoint via Web Services and RPC.
by Jürgen Bäurle
This article describes how to implement a generic, extensible entity list repository and business logic for SharePoint 2010 using the T4 templating engine (Text Template Transformation Toolkit).

Latest Articles

by Andrei Markeev
Client Side Rendering specifics related to list forms.
Send an Email using Nintex Workflow in SharePoint 2013/ Office 365
Nintex store in Office 365/SharePoint 2013
Nintex Workflows in Office 365/ SharePoint 2013

Research Library

This paper explores the evolution of BPM (Business Process Management),...
Toad for IBM DB2 is a powerful tool for the database administrator. But...
In this whitepaper, we review the basic hosting concepts such as...


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