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by Omar Al Zabir
Internet is full of flash ads nowadays that make page load slower, render slower and consumes more CPU, thus power. If you can browse without having any flash ads or in fact any ads loaded and without any of the tracking scripts – you can browse much faster, scroll through pages much smoother
by Gil Fink
Using Overlay Icon API to Make Client Notifications in IE9 Ever wanted to notify your site clients/users while they are surfing in your site. In one of the applications that I helped to build this was a customer requirement. So in the past you could have implemented a blinking behavior that will ma
by Shabbir Lathsaheb
I was developing an application to post xml data to a URL (REST call) using and C#. The endpoint was hosted with a third party vendor and they had a much secured hosting environment. Their endpoints were https and they installed and generated the private client certificate (a password protec
by Dynms
Thin clients, where applicable, can significantly reduce the administrative overhead required to maintain user hardware and software, while also reducing energy consumption.

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by Leom Burke
Now we have the data fetching work sorted out we can turn our attentions to the front-end. I am going to make a very simple view in this post listing the artists and associated albums with their tracks.  It is going to look like this: Now, this is very basic but it serves its purpose […]
by Mohamed Ahmed Abdullah
Auto-correct ruining our spelling, the solution is to animate the changes
by sebastianrogers
Hi Folks Interesting conversation on Thursday I overheard at a client site. Mature Development Manager: Does it pass the unit tests? Cocky Young Developer: Pardon? MDM: What unit tests do we have? CYD: Kim and Chris. MDM: Don’t we have any unit tests? CYD: Its written in Word so no, unit test
by Dmitriy Kozlov
CodeProjectToday I'm going to show how to put the client people picker that has become available in SharePoint 2013 onto a custom form with help of the latest version of Forms Designer 2.8.9. I'm going to pay the most attention to JavaScript framework that allows to assign and retrieve values of the

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