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Splitter Windows

Great Reads

by Robert A. T. Káldy
A splitter window class, which combines the basic CSplitterWnd functionality and professional look with the ability to use CWnd-derived panes.
by Rob Manderson
Disabling mouse input to a splitter window
by Daniel Zuppinger
A class derived from CSplitterWnd which makes splitting and switching of views simple.
by Marc Richarme
A small class that gives splitter-windows a flat look

Latest Articles

by Ed Gadziemski
A collapsible split container control for Windows Forms
by Graham Wilson
A method of ensuring that SplitterContainer controls with fixed panels are properly resized when AutoScaleMode is ScaleMode.DPI
by libbyliugang
a splitter control for dialog can auto change the linked window's position.
by Dr. Hurol Aslan
A recursively splittable user control for designing a custom interface, which can be serialized for sharing.


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