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Static and Panel Controls

Great Reads

by Paul Vickery
Code to add a message bar to virtually any existing Windows control.
by Syed M Hussain
A Windows Forms control to view images in a slide show with captions.
by Burak Ozdiken
How to make a custom panel control like in Visual Studio 2008 for a Windows Forms Application using the .NET Framework.
by ErnestoNet
User Control with scrolling and zooming done in C++/CLI

Latest Articles

by Midi_Mick
Displays a list of images with various transitioning effects
by tanmoysarkar
Often people ask me how to call a .NET class within an orchestration if it is not serializable. The probable answer for this question is to call the class within an atomic scope because within atomic scope there is no … Continue reading →
by Nguyen.H.H.Dang
A very simple Thumbnail Viewer inherited from FlowLayoutPanel for beginners
by Rob Kraft
A method is idempotent when the same input(s) always return the same output.  This method is idempotent: This method is not idempotent: When adding methods to classes, many developers spend little time deciding if the method should be idempotent.  Making use of the properties in the class causes the


by Sacha Barber on article "Image Slide Show with Transitions"
by Daniel Kailer on article "MoonPdfPanel - A WPF-based PDF viewer...
by mkarpinski on article "MoonPdfPanel - A WPF-based PDF viewer...
by Alan Burkhart on article "Easy WinForms Accordion Control"
by zudus on article "Easy WinForms Accordion Control"

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