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Static and Panel Controls

Great Reads

by Paul Vickery
Code to add a message bar to virtually any existing Windows control.
by Syed M Hussain
A Windows Forms control to view images in a slide show with captions.
by Burak Ozdiken
How to make a custom panel control like in Visual Studio 2008 for a Windows Forms Application using the .NET Framework.
by ErnestoNet
User Control with scrolling and zooming done in C++/CLI

Latest Articles

by Magnus Rindeberg
An implementation of VariableSizedWrapGrid for the Windows Desktop.
by Eric Ouellet
A WPF WrapPanel that can fill empty space on any lines with any control(s)
by DotNetForYou
The article will take you through the three keywords
by Right Handed Monkey
[1] Why an abstract horse?  See below.What are static bindings?Static bindings are functions or variables that can be called on a class that don't need an object created to use them first.  For example, you don't need to use the new operator to call a static method or access a static variable.  Thes

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Every developer wants to write good code – code they can be proud of....


by Bhavesh Patel on article "Image Slideshow Control"
by Bhavesh Patel on article "Image Slide Show with Transitions"
by Magnus Rindeberg on article "VariableSizedWrapGrid for WPF"
by damianom on article "VariableSizedWrapGrid for WPF"
by Daniel Kailer on article "MoonPdfPanel - A WPF-based PDF viewer...

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